We started! Let’s fly!

Hello everyone!

Although we have already published a blog post last week we really start this blog with this post, in order to tell and provide information about drones. Always based on our experience and knowledge.

Why carry out this blog?

Well, like all blogs, this will not be more special and could be dispensable. In fact, for many people it will be. But we feel it can be helpful for anyone because this world is still to explore, and all little contribution we can provide for it will be a great reward for us.

What is going to deal this blog with?

We won’t only talk about drones. We will talk about everything around them: their applications in the audiovisual industry, work dynamics with them, other applications, how to configure them, extract the maximum performance, security, etc. And technology and other devices that can be used in the audiovisual and other workplaces.

We want to add that, with this blog, we don’t want to be the ones who make the rules and criteria when working with drones. We only want to share our opinions and our own experience. We believe in sharing knowledge and share experiences to help each other among all who work in this sector.

Thank you very much for reading!

We started! Let’s fly!

Posted on 7 April, 2016 in Aerial Filming, aerial filming in Spain, drone services, drone services in Spain, Filmación Aérea, Noticias, Tomas aereas, Video aereo con drones

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