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Aerial filming crew: 2 operators

We talked before about the aerial filming crew composition that we thin is the most optimal. We were talking about three operators. But there are a number of aerial shootings that are more simple, without too much preparation and in which the drone also manages the camera. These aerial filmings with drones are more common in small shootings, at weddings, etc.…

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Aerial filming crew : 3 Operators. Why? For what? – (II)

3 – Three Operators And what does the security technician really do? Basically it is the key piece of gear. Without it the team suffers a lot. Thanks to this person the team is fully operational. Remove workload to the team, helping to the proper work of all for filming the shot to perfection. While the team is…

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Aerial filming team: 3 Operators Why? For what? (I)

In the next posts we will discuss a topic that is very important for us: the aerial filming team with drones. How many people form an aerial filming team ? That is, how many people are on the aerial filming team in a spot or movie shooting? Well, there are a lot of points of views:   1…

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We started! Let’s fly!

Hello everyone! Although we have already published a blog post last week we really start this blog with this post, in order to tell and provide information about drones. Always based on our experience and knowledge. Why carry out this blog? Well, like all blogs, this will not be more special and could be dispensable. In fact, for…

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