Aerial filming crew: 2 operators

We talked before about the aerial filming crew composition that we thin is the most optimal. We were talking about three operators.

But there are a number of aerial shootings that are more simple, without too much preparation and in which the drone also manages the camera. These aerial filmings with drones are more common in small shootings, at weddings, etc. The equipment used is usually with cameras like the GoPro, or devices as the DJI Phantom.

These shootings are also very professional filmings and with very good results and quality. For these drone services there are several configurations of aerial filming equipment:

Video aereo con drones

1 Operator

The Pilot: pilots and operates the camera. And watch out for equipment, signals, batteries, etc.
It is not what we recommend because this configuration of aerial recording crew goes in detriment of the quality of the shots to film. If a single person has to be attentive to everything that has to be in a work like this, apart from piloting and controlling the camera, you may not be able to make the shot with all the beauty and quality needed. Piloting a dron is already difficult enough to combine with the camera movement and everything that involves making aerial pictures with maximum security.

The location influences in the configuration of aerial recording crew. It is not the same to work in a field without any obstacle, without wind … as to fly in locations with trees, or following some object, etc. In these cases it is more than convenient to have one or two other people on the drone services crew.

We know that there are many operators who go alone with their DJI Phantoms and make really nice shots. And they operate the camera, they make aerial pictures, and they are attentive to all the signals, distances to objects, batteries, etc. But, it’s too much for one person in most cases. At least this is how we look it.

2 Operators

In more simple shootings, as explained above, the configuration of the aerial filming crew may be more simple too. We recommend it is made up of the following operators:

The camera-pilot, and the security-observer technician.

Why these two operators?

Their own names explain it very well. The pilot is the camera operator at the same time, so he operates with a small reference monitor of the shot that the drone is filming.dronphantom

And the safety technician becomes the pilot’s eyes with the drone. He never loses sight of it and maintains constant and active communication with the pilot during the operation. He also takes care of the batteries, signals, distances, giving freedom of work to the pilot in order to make the shot in the best way and with total security.

The safety-observer technician must to have audio-visual skills and advises to the pilot when he is flying the drone making aerial images. Many times the pilots are so concentrated in what the action of piloting that they forget what are they really doing: flying a drone with camera in order to have aerial images. In this way, the observer-security technician sometimes participates in the recording of the aerial images advising on the framing, or on the best way of run the operation and the beauty of the aerial shots.

Up to this point, the basic configuration of aerial recording crew, which is for us the most ideal and effective.

And you? How do you work with these equipment and in these shoots?


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