Aerial filming team: 3 Operators Why? For what? (I)

equipo filmacion aerea I

In the next posts we will discuss a topic that is very important for us: the aerial filming team with drones.

How many people form an aerial filming team ?

That is, how many people are on the aerial filming team in a spot or movie shooting?

Well, there are a lot of points of views:


  • 1 – An Operator , the “one-man band”

We found it, and we do not recommend …

He operates the drone, controls the camera, is pending of the battery, control GPS, satellites, plan routes, orientation, focus, etc.


And film the frame correctly, with the difficulty of managing the drone and the camera at the same time. In shootings time is money and you can not fail, and drones are not an exception. So get excellent results required in shootings with one person controlling everything we do not believe it is impossible, but it is very difficult.
equipo de una persona filmación aérea

On the other hand, safety requires special attention. For us it seems quite dangerous that one person does everything. Too many things to be aware and to do well and with maximum security. Never forget that these machines weigh several kg and fly at high altitudes, so … better do not fall.

Minimize risks is fundamental and for one person is very difficult to work with total security. We think security should be required when using these devices.

One person is the pilot, who controls the drone. And the other person is the camera operator, who handles the camera. In this way you can film with drones better than with one person controlling everything. In less demanding shootings, without location changes, with more or less time, good weather conditions, without any inconvenience or unforeseen events, could be a valid configuration.

But there are still some aspects that the aerial filming team could improve, so we think that is not an optimal configuration.equipo de 2 filmación aerea

What happens with GPS monitoring, battery consumption control, battery changes, equipment check for optimal operation (before flying, between flights, during and after flying ), signals quality, etc?

Some might think, and with some reason, that between the pilot and the camera operator can take responsibility for all these functions (and many others which are not mentioned) without problem. But is also true that if they are concentrating in so many things that they have to be focused, apart from their main functions (fly and compose the frame), security decreases.

Is needed to be said that in shootings there are a director, a cinematographer, etc. who need to talk and communicate the required shot to the aerial filming team. There are also an assistant director, production members, etc. who will be controlling the shooting time and trying it to be performed as quickly and effectively as possible.

A lot of things for two people. Too many things to work properly and with total security. If suddenly an unexpected event occurs, which is normal shootings, is better to be ready for it .

With two people you can operate, some actually work well with this aerial team configuration, but it is always better to work with another crew member: the security technician.

What roles do you think the security technician can have ?


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