Aerial filming crew : 3 Operators. Why? For what? – (II)

3 – Three Operators

And what does the security technician really do? Basically it is the key piece of gear. Without it the team suffers a lot. Thanks to this person the team is fully operational. Remove workload to the team, helping to the proper work of all for filming the shot to perfection.

While the team is preparing to roll, and as long as the pilot  and aerial camera operator have everything ready and controlled, the security technician allows them to talk to the director and/or director of photography to plan and prepare shots to roll.

Helps and makes possible the quick location change. Taking less time in location changes saves time and money to the production.

equipo de 3

It is also the person who is responsible for controlling and changing the batteries, controlling signals (GPS, telemetry, satellite, etc) Definitely, the security technician is responsible for all equipment works properly. If it would be necessary, he/she is perfectly qualified to fly in case of the pilot could not, would have an accident or any unexpected event that could happen.

Another important point of the security technician functions is when there is an electronic failure, signals failure, “ghosts of electronics”, etc. This, unfortunately, is no stranger to happen and this person is responsible for fixing it and solving problems and unexpected events with the help of the other two teammates. In this way, the production always can roll.

As a security technician, this person never loses sight of the drone when it flies, and maintains constant communication with the pilot and camera operator during flight.

And it is not all, the security technician, as a member of an aerial filming team, knows what shots works and advises and helps in everything he/she can.

In short, the security technician is the person who brings unity and security to the team and to the aerial filming, and helps to get the optimal circumstances for the perfect recording of the required aerial images.

So here is this post about the configuration of the aerial filming crew. We think it might be interesting although we do not speak about the members of a “official” aerial filming team. Above all because there is nothing that could be considered official because it is something relatively new that is configuring itself slowly and always based on the experience of each team and their work.

We have only explained the basic team configuration we consider most optimal and safe when we work in drone services in Spain, or aerial filming in Spain or another place.

And you? How do you work? What do you think is the optimal configuration of the aerial filming team?

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