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Ronin Operator Services in Spain

Ronin Operator Services in Spain or out of Spain.

Our team is specialized in making shots with a stabilizer of this kind, or with a Steadicam. Combined with other devices it can be used in cranes, camera car , etc.

Información de Interés

Different Uses

Ronin Stabilizer can be combined with other devices and used in many ways for different types of shots:
-In Camera Car
-In crane
-In tripod
-In Kablecam
-In Drone
-In Isolastic Arm (Steadycam part)

Supported Cameras

-It supports camera settings (camera, lens , focus control , etc. ) to 7kg of total .
-RED Epic, Alexa Mini, Alexa M, Sony FS700, etc.

Calibration Times

-Calibrate and configured it the first time in a shooting takes between 30 and 60 minutes.
-The next times, lens change, filters, etc. it only takes 5 minutes.
-Change from tripod and any camera support to Ronin (and vice versa ), between 10 and 15 minutes
-With DSLR cameras and simple configurations, calibration time is considerably reduced between 5 and 15 minutes the first time, and 5 minutes for changes.

Types of Shots

Sequence Shots
Following Shots
Crane Shots
Following shots from moving supports
Low Mode
Camera Car
Aerial Images

Some Works

Versatility and facilities in shooting : many types of shots with a single tool.

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