Documentary The Spanish Castle That Inspired Walt Disney

We worked in this project filming all the images of it: steadicam images, tripod images, and aerial images. And we also provided production services and managed the shooting permissions in “Alcazar de Segovia” for this international project with Great Big Story.  

Videoclip Invictus

In this videoclip of Maruja Muci we work as a full camera creo and as a Ronin operator.

Spot Toyota C-HR

We are very happy with the result of this Toyota C-HR “Urban Reflections” project. Photographers from all the parts of Europe in Madrid to portray this beautiful car. We put our part with the shots of the cars in motion. Aerial images with drone, camera stabilizer, rain, tunnels, in conclusion it was a full day…

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Videoclip The Ladies

We participated in the shooting of this videopclip of “La diva de la curva” with The Ladies band. We worked as DOP, and camera crew. Working as steadycam operator and aerial filming operators too.

Spot Medicos del Mundo

We worked in this project as steadicam operator with the production company Synechia and Medicos del mundo. We are so proud to participate in this kind of projects and we hope it will change a little the mind of any person who will see the spot.  

Spot Estudiantes

We worked in this spot as production company, with the whole filmmaking, shooting, and editing of it, with Sra. Rushmore agency.

Documentary “10 años Cuidándote”

We worked in this documentary as Steadycam operator and camera operator, and aerial filming also.    

Spot DrivePro

We worked in this project as steadicam operator for the movement images of the cars, simulating shots which can be recorded with a Russian Arm.  

Spot Bankinter

Trabajamos como operador de Ronin junto a la productora Cósmika en este spot para Bankinter. Grabamos a cámara lenta con la Sony FS700 + Ópticas Canon Compact Prime en la parte del corredor de este proyecto. Otra vez más, se demuestra la versatilidad el estabilizador de cámara Ronin para correr y que el cuadro se…

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Spot PlayStation

Trabajamos en el último spot de PlayStation y FIFA16 como operador de Ronin. En esta ocasión “vestimos” al Ronin con una bonita Alexa Mini + Ópticas Zeiss 1.3 El esfuerzo del jugador, superación, lograr el objetivo, etc. Cuatro sets de rodaje. Cambiar la cámara de trípode a Ronin, de Ronin a trípode, y estabilizarla con…

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